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Antoniadi, Ioanna and Novak, Ondrej and Gelova, Zuzana and Johnson, Alexander and Plihal, Ondrej and Simersky, Radim and Mik, Vaclav and Vain, Thomas and Mateo-Bonmatí, Eduardo and Karady, Michal and Pernisova, Marketa and Plackova, Lenka and Opassathian, Korawit and Hejatko, Jan and Robert, Stephanie and Friml, Jiri and Dolezal, Karel and Ljung, Karin and Turnbull, Colin (2020). Cell-surface receptors enable perception of extracellular cytokinins. Nature Communications. 11 , 4284
[Journal article]

Christie, Alec P. and Abecasis, David and Adjeroud, Mehdi and Alonso, Juan C. and Amano, Tatsuya and Anton, Alvaro and Baldigo, Barry P. and Barrientos, Rafael and Bicknell, Jake E. and Buhl, Deborah A. and Cebrian, Just and Ceia, Ricardo S. and Cibils-Martina, Luciana and Clarke, Sarah and Claudet, Joachim and Craig, Michael D. and Davoult, Dominique and De Backer, Annelies and Donovan, Mary K. and Eddy, Tyler D. and Franca, Filipe M. and Gardner, Jonathan P. A. and Harris, Bradley P. and Huusko, Ari and Jones, Ian L. and Kelaher, Brendan P. and Kotiaho, Janne S. and Lopez-Baucells, Adria and Major, Heather L. and Maki-Petays, Aki and Martin, Beatriz and Mateos-Molina, Daniel and McConnaughey, Robert A. and Meroni, Michele and Meyer, Christoph F. J. and Mills, Kade and Montefalcone, Monica and Noreika, Norbertas and Palacin, Carlos and Pande, Anjali and Pitcher, C. Roland and Ponce, Carlos and Rinella, Matt and Rocha, Ricardo and Ruiz-Delgado, Maria C. and Schmitter-Soto, Juan J. and Shaffer, Jill A. and Sharma, Shailesh and Sher, Anna A. and Stagnol, Doriane and Stanley, Thomas R. and Stokesbury, Kevin D. E. and Torres, Aurora and Tully, Oliver and Vehanen, Teppo and Watts, Corinne and Zhao, Qingyuan and Sutherland, William J. (2020). Quantifying and addressing the prevalence and bias of study designs in the environmental and social sciences. Nature Communications. 11 , 6377
[Journal article]

Hurny, Andrej and Cuesta, Candela and Cavallari, Nicola and Otvos, Krisztina and Duclercq, Jerome and Dokladal, Ladislav and Montesinos, Juan Carlos and Gallemi, Marcal and Semeradova, Hana and Rauter, Thomas and Stenzel, Irene and Persiau, Geert and Benade, Freia and Bhalerao, Rishikesh P. and Sykorova, Eva and Gorzsas, Andras and Sechet, Julien and Mouille, Gregory and Heilmann, Ingo and De Jaeger, Geert and Ludwig-Mueller, Jutta and Benkova, Eva (2020). SYNERGISTIC ON AUXIN AND CYTOKININ 1 positively regulates growth and attenuates soil pathogen resistance. Nature Communications. 11 , 1-17
[Journal article]

Järveoja, Järvi and Nilsson, Mats and Crill, Patrick M. and Peichl, Matthias (2020). Bimodal diel pattern in peatland ecosystem respiration rebuts uniform temperature response. Nature Communications. 11 , 4255
[Journal article]

Kravchenko, A. N. and Guber, A. K. and Razavi, B. S. and Koestel, Johannes and Quigley, M. Y. and Robertson, G. P. and Kuzyakov, Y. (2020). Reply to: "Variables in the effect of land use on soil extrapore enzymatic activity and carbon stabilization" by Glenn (2020). Nature Communications. 11 , 6427

Kubiasova, Karolina and Montesinos, Juan Carlos and Samajova, Olga and Nisler, Jaroslav and Mik, Vaclav and Semeradova, Hana and Plihalova, Lucie and Novak, Ondrej and Marhavy, Peter and Cavallari, Nicola and Zalabak, David and Berka, Karel and Galuszka, Petr and Samaj, Jozef and Strnad, Miroslav and Benkova, Eva and Plihal, Ondrej and Spichal, Lukas (2020). Cytokinin fluoroprobe reveals multiple sites of cytokinin perception at plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum. Nature Communications. 11 , 4285
[Journal article]

Pilotto, Francesca and Kuehn, Ingolf and Adrian, Rita and Alber, Renate and Alignier, Audrey and Andrews, Christopher and Baeck, Jaana and Barbaro, Luc and Beaumont, Deborah and Beenaerts, Natalie and Benham, Sue and Boukal, David S. and Bretagnolle, Vincent and Camatti, Elisa and Canullo, Roberto and Cardoso, Patricia G. and Ens, Bruno J. and Everaert, Gert and Evtimova, Vesela and Feuchtmayr, Heidrun and Garcia-Gonzalez, Ricardo and Gomez Garcia, Daniel and Grandin, Ulf and Gutowski, Jerzy M. and Hadar, Liat and Halada, Lubos and Halassy, Melinda and Hummel, Herman and Huttunen, Kaisa-Leena and Jaroszewicz, Bogdan and Jensen, Thomas C. and Kalivoda, Henrik and Schmidt, Inger Kappel and Kroencke, Ingrid and Leinonen, Reima and Martinho, Filipe and Meesenburg, Henning and Meyer, Julia and Minerbi, Stefano and Monteith, Don and Nikolov, Boris P. and Oro, Daniel and Ozolins, Davis and Padedda, Bachisio M. and Pallett, Denise and Pansera, Marco and Pardal, Miguel Angelo and Petriccione, Bruno and Pipan, Tanja and Poeyry, Juha and Schaefer, Stefanie M. and Schaub, Marcus and Schneider, Susanne C. and Skuja, Agnija and Soetaert, Karline and Springe, Gunta and Stanchev, Radoslav and Stockan, Jenni A. and Stoll, Stefan and Sundqvist, Lisa and Thimonier, Anne and Van Hoey, Gert and Van Ryckegem, Gunther and Visser, Marcel E. and Vorhauser, Samuel and Haase, Peter (2020). Meta-analysis of multidecadal biodiversity trends in Europe. Nature Communications. 11 , 3486 , 1-11
[Journal article]

Tebani, Abdellah and Gummesson, Anders and Zhong, Wen and Koistinen, Ina Schuppe and Lakshmikanth, Tadepally and Olsson, Lisa M. and Boulund, Fredrik and Neiman, Maja and Stenlund, Hans and Hellstrom, Cecilia and Karlsson, Max J. and Arif, Muhammad and Dodig-Crnkovic, Tea and Mardinoglu, Adil and Lee, Sunjae and Zhang, Cheng and Chen, Yang and Olin, Axel and Mikes, Jaromir and Danielsson, Hanna and von Feilitzen, Kalle and Jansson, Per-Anders and Angeras, Oskar and Huss, Mikael and Kjellqvist, Sanela and Odeberg, Jacob and Edfors, Fredrik and Tremaroli, Valentina and Forsstrom, Bjorn and Schwenk, Jochen M. and Nilsson, Peter and Moritz, Thomas and Backhed, Fredrik and Engstrand, Lars and Brodin, Petter and Bergstrom, Goran and Uhlen, Mathias and Fagerberg, Linn (2020). Integration of molecular profiles in a longitudinal wellness profiling cohort. Nature Communications. 11 , 4487
[Journal article]

Thorn, Simon and Chao, Anne and Georgiev, Kostadin B. and Mueller, Joerg and Baessler, Claus and Campbell, John L. and Castro, Jorge and Chen, Yan-Han and Choi, Chang-Yong and Cobb, Tyler P. and Donato, Daniel C. and Durska, Ewa and Macdonald, Ellen and Feldhaar, Heike and Fontaine, Joseph B. and Fornwalt, Paula J. and Hernandez, Raquel Maria Hernandez and Hutto, Richard L. and Koivula, Matti and Lee, Eun-Jae and Lindenmayer, David and Mikusinski, Grzegorz and Obrist, Martin K. and Perlik, Michal and Rost, Josep and Waldron, Kaysandra and Wermelinger, Beat and Weiss, Ingmar and Zmihorski, Michal and Leverkus, Alexandro B. (2020). Estimating retention benchmarks for salvage logging to protect biodiversity. Nature Communications. 11 , 4762
[Journal article]

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