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Iseli, Evelin and Chisholm, Chelsea and Lenoir, Jonathan and Haider, Sylvia and Seipel, Tim and Barros, Agustina and Hargreaves, Anna L. and Kardol, Paul and Lembrechts, Jonas J. and Rashid, Irfan and Rumpf, Sabine B. and Arevalo, Jose Ramon and Cavieres, Lohengrin and Daehler, Curtis and Dar, Pervaiz A. and Endress, Bryan and Jakobs, Gabi and Jimenez, Alejandra and Kueffer, Christoph and Mihoc, Maritza and Morgan, John W. and Naylor, Bridgett J. and Pauchard, Anibal and Backes, Amanda Ratier and Reshi, Zafar A. and Rew, Lisa J. and Righetti, Damiano and Shannon, James M. and Valencia, Graciela and Alexander, Jake M. (2023). Rapid upwards spread of non-native plants in mountains across continents. Nature ecology & evolution. 7 :3 , 405–413
[Research article]

Izdebski, A. and Guzowski, P. and Poniat, R. and Masci, L. and Palli, J. and Vignola, C. and Cocozza, C. and Fernandes, R. and Ljungqvist, F. C. and Newfield, T. and Seim, A. and Abel-Schaad, D. and Alba-Sanchez, F. and Brauer, A. and Brown, A. and Czerwinski, S. and Ejarque, A. and Filoc, M. and Florenzano, A. and Fredh, E. D. and Fyfe, R. and Jasiunas, N. and Kolaczek, P. and Kouli, K. and Kozakova, R. and Kupryjanowicz, M. and Lamentowicz, M. and Lindbladh, Matts and Lopez-Saez, J. A. and Luelmo-Lautenschlaeger, R. and Marcisz, K. and Mazier, F. and Mensing, S. and Mercuri, A. M. and Milecka, K. and Miras, Y. and Noryskiewicz, A. M. and Novenko, E. and Obremska, M. and Panajiotidis, S. and Papadopoulou, M. L. and Pedziszewska, A. and Perez-Diaz, S. and Piovesan, G. and Pluskowski, A. and Pokorny, P. and Poska, A. and Reitalu, T. and Roesch, M. and Sadori, L. and Ferreira, C. Sa and Sebag, D. and Slowinski, M. and Stancikaite, M. and Stivrins, N. and Tunno, I and Veski, S. and Wacnik, A. and Masi, A. (2022). Palaeoecological data indicates land-use changes across Europe linked to spatial heterogeneity in mortality during the Black Death pandemic. Nature ecology & evolution. 6 :3 , 297-306
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Kawahara, Akito Y. and Storer, Caroline and Carvalho, Ana Paula S. and Plotkin, David M. and Condamine, Fabien L. and Braga, Mariana P. and Pires Braga, Mariana and Ellis, Emily A. and St Laurent, Ryan A. and Li, Xuankun and Barve, Vijay and Cai, Liming and Earl, Chandra and Frandsen, Paul B. and Owens, Hannah L. and Valencia-Montoya, Wendy A. and Aduse-Poku, Kwaku and Toussaint, Emmanuel F. A. and Dexter, Kelly M. and Doleck, Tenzing and Markee, Amanda and Nguyen, Y-Lan and Badon, Jade Aster T. and Benitez, Hugo A. and Braby, Michael F. and Buenavente, Perry A. C. and Chan, Wei-Ping and Collins, Steve C. and Rabideau Childers, Richard A. and Dankowicz, Even and Eastwood, Rod and Fric, Zdenek F. and Gott, Riley J. and Hall, Jason P. W. and Hallwachs, Winnie and Hardy, Nate B. and Sipe, Rachel L. Hawkins and Heath, Alan and Hinolan, Jomar D. and Homziak, Nicholas T. and Hsu, Yu-Feng and Itliong, Micael G. A. and Janzen, Daniel H. and Kitching, Ian J. and Kunte, Krushnamegh and Lamas, Gerardo and Landis, Michael J. and Larsen, Elise A. and Leong, Jing V. and Lukhtanov, Vladimir and Maier, Crystal A. and Martinez, Jose I. and Martins, Dino J. and Maunsell, Sarah C. and Mega, Nicolas Oliveira and Monastyrskii, Alexander and Morais, Ana B. B. and Mueller, Chris J. and Naive, Mark Arcebal K. and Nielsen, Gregory and Padron, Pablo Sebastian and Peggie, Djunijanti and Romanowski, Helena Piccoli and Safian, Szabolcs and Saito, Motoki and Shirey, Vaughn and Soltis, Doug and Soltis, Pamela and Sourakov, Andrei and Talavera, Gerard and Vila, Roger and Vlasanek, Petr and Wang, Houshuai and Warren, Andrew D. and Willmott, Keith R. and Yago, Masaya and Jetz, Walter and Jarzyna, Marta A. and Breinholt, Jesse W. and Espeland, Marianne and Ries, Leslie and Guralnick, Robert P. and Pierce, Naomi E. and Lohman, David J. (2023). A global phylogeny of butterflies reveals their evolutionary history, ancestral hosts and biogeographic origins. Nature ecology & evolution. 7 :6 , 903-913
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