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Grau-Andrés, Roger and Thieffry, Sylvia and Tian, Shanyi and Wardle, David A. and Kardol, Paul (2022). Responses of bryosphere fauna to drought across a boreal forest chronosequence. Oecologia. 200 :1 , 231-245
[Research article]


Ahlbäck Widenfalk, Lina and Bengtsson, Jan and Berggren, Åsa and Zwiggelaar, Krista and Spijkman, Evelien and Huyer-Brugman, Florrie and Berg, Matty P. (2015). Spatially structured environmental filtering of collembolan traits in late successional salt marsh vegetation. Oecologia. 179 :2 , 537-549
[Research article]

Ranius, Thomas (2001). Constancy and asynchrony of Osmoderma eremita populations in tree hollows. Oecologia. 126 :2 , 208-215
[Research article]


Angeler, David and Ludovic Baho, Didier and Allen, Craig R. and Johnson, Richard (2015). Linking degradation status with ecosystem vulnerability to environmental change. Oecologia. 178 :3 , 899-913
[Research article]

Glinwood, Robert and Ahmed, Elham and Qvarfordt, Erika and Ninkovic, Velemir (2011). Olfactory learning of plant genotypes by a polyphagous insect predator. Oecologia. 166 :3 , 637-647
[Research article]

Mattisson, Jenny and Sand, Håkan and Wabakken, Petter and Gervasi, Vincenzo and Liberg, Olof and Linnell, John D C and Rauset, Geir Rune and Pedersen, Hans-Christian (2013). Home range size variation in a recovering wolf population: evaluating the effect of environmental, demographic, and social factors. Oecologia. 173 :3 , 813-825
[Research article]

Ranius, Thomas and Hedin, Jonas (2001). The dispersal rate of a beetle, Osmoderma eremita, living in tree hollows. Oecologia. 126 :3 , 363-370
[Research article]


Kollberg, Ida and Bylund, Helena and Huitu, Otso and Björkman, Christer (2014). Regulation of forest defoliating insects through small mammal predation. Oecologia. 176 :4 , 975-983
[Research article]

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