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Ranius, Thomas (2001). Constancy and asynchrony of Osmoderma eremita populations in tree hollows. Oecologia. 126 :2 , 208-215
[Research article]

Ranius, Thomas and Hedin, Jonas (2001). The dispersal rate of a beetle, Osmoderma eremita, living in tree hollows. Oecologia. 126 :3 , 363-370
[Research article]


Glinwood, Robert and Ahmed, Elham and Qvarfordt, Erika and Ninkovic, Velemir (2011). Olfactory learning of plant genotypes by a polyphagous insect predator. Oecologia. 166 :3 , 637-647
[Research article]


Mattisson, Jenny and Sand, Håkan and Wabakken, Petter and Gervasi, Vincenzo and Liberg, Olof and Linnell, John D C and Rauset, Geir Rune and Pedersen, Hans-Christian (2013). Home range size variation in a recovering wolf population: evaluating the effect of environmental, demographic, and social factors. Oecologia. 173 :3 , 813-825
[Research article]


Kollberg, Ida and Bylund, Helena and Huitu, Otso and Björkman, Christer (2014). Regulation of forest defoliating insects through small mammal predation. Oecologia. 176 :4 , 975-983
[Research article]


Angeler, David and Ludovic Baho, Didier and Allen, Craig R. and Johnson, Richard (2015). Linking degradation status with ecosystem vulnerability to environmental change. Oecologia. 178 :3 , 899-913
[Research article]


Ahlbäck Widenfalk, Lina and Bengtsson, Jan and Berggren, Åsa and Zwiggelaar, Krista and Spijkman, Evelien and Huyer-Brugman, Florrie and Berg, Matty P. (2015). Spatially structured environmental filtering of collembolan traits in late successional salt marsh vegetation. Oecologia. 179 :2 , 537-549
[Research article]


Liman, Anna-Sara and Dalin, Peter and Björkman, Christer (2017). Enhanced leaf nitrogen status stabilizes omnivore population density. Oecologia. 183 , 57-65
[Research article]


Stephan, Jörg and Pourazari, Fereshteh and Tattersdill, Kristina and Kobayashi, Takuya and Nishizawa, Keita and De Long, Jonathan (2017). Long-term deer exclosure alters soil properties, plant traits, understory plant community and insect herbivory, but not the functional relationships among them. Oecologia. 184 , 685-699
[Research article]


Lindman, Ly and Larsson, Mattias and Mellbrand, Kajsa and Svensson, Glenn P. and Hedin, Jonas and Tranberg, Olov and Ranius, Thomas (2020). Metapopulation dynamics over 25 years of a beetle, Osmoderma eremita, inhabiting hollow oaks. Oecologia. 194 , 771-780
[Research article]


Andreassen, Harry P. and Sundell, Janne and Ecke, Frauke and Halle, Stefan and Haapakoski, Marko and Henttonen, Heikki and Huitu, Otso and Jacob, Jens and Johnsen, Kaja and Koskela, Esa and Luque-Larena, Juan Jose and Lecomte, Nicolas and Leirs, Herwig and Marien, Joachim and Neby, Magne and Ratti, Osmo and Sievert, Thorbjorn and Singleton, Grant R. and van Cann, Joannes and Vanden Broecke, Bram and Ylonen, Hannu (2021). Population cycles and outbreaks of small rodents: ten essential questions we still need to solve. Oecologia. 195 , 601-622
[Article Review/Survey]


Scharnweber, Kristin and Chaguaceda, Fernando and Eklov, Peter (2021). Fatty acid accumulation in feeding types of a natural freshwater fish population. Oecologia. 196 , 53-63
[Research article]


Sand, Håkan and Jamieson, Mark and Andren, Henrik and Wikenros, Camilla and Cromsigt, Joris and Månsson, Johan (2021). Behavioral effects of wolf presence on moose habitat selection: testing the landscape of fear hypothesis in an anthropogenic landscape. Oecologia. 197 , 101-116
[Research article]


Lindman, Ly and Öckinger, Erik and Ranius, Thomas (2022). Microclimatic conditions mediate the effect of deadwood and forest characteristics on a threatened beetle species, Tragosoma depsarium. Oecologia. 199 , 737-752
[Research article]


Brand, Jack A. and Naimo, Annalise C. and Michelangeli, Marcus and Martin, Jake and Sih, Andrew and Wong, Bob B. M. and Chapple, David G. (2022). Social context mediates the expression of a personality trait in a gregarious lizard. Oecologia. 200 , 359–369
[Research article]

Grau-Andrés, Roger and Thieffry, Sylvia and Tian, Shanyi and Wardle, David A. and Kardol, Paul (2022). Responses of bryosphere fauna to drought across a boreal forest chronosequence. Oecologia. 200 :1 , 231-245
[Research article]

Online First version

Tegelaar, Karolina and Glinwood, Robert and Pettersson, Jan and Leimar, Olof (2013). Transgenerational effects and the cost of ant tending in aphids. Oecologia. Online First version , First Online version, without pagination
[Research article]

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