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Axelsson, Erik and Ljungvall, Ingrid and Bhoumik, Priyasma and Conn, Laura Bas and Muren, Eva and Ohlsson, Åsa and Olsen, Lisbeth Hoier and Engdahl, Karolina and Hagman, Ragnvi and Hanson, Jeanette and Kryvokhyzha, Dmytro and Pettersson, Mats and Grenet, Olivier and Moggs, Jonathan and Del Rio-Espinola, Alberto and Epe, Christian and Taillon, Bruce and Tawari, Nilesh and Mane, Shrinivas and Hawkins, Troy and Hedhammar, Åke and Gruet, Philippe and Häggström, Jens and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin (2021). The genetic consequences of dog breed formation-Accumulation of deleterious genetic variation and fixation of mutations associated with myxomatous mitral valve disease in cavalier King Charles spaniels. PLOS GENETICS. 17
[Research article]

Carneiro, Miguel and Vieillard, Jennifer and Andrade, Pedro and Boucher, Samuel and Afonso, Sandra and Blanco-Aguiar, Jose A. and Santos, Nuno and Branco, Joao and Esteves, Pedro J. and Ferrand, Nuno and Kullander, Klas and Andersson, Leif (2021). A loss-of-function mutation in RORB disrupts saltatorial locomotion in rabbits. PLOS GENETICS. 17 , e1009429
[Research article]

Morange, Pierre-Emmanuel and Peiretti, Franck and Gourhant, Lenaick and Proust, Carole and Soukarieh, Omar and Pulcrano-Nicolas, Anne-Sophie and Saripella, Ganapathi Varma and Stefanucci, Luca and Lacroix, Romaric and Ibrahim Kosta, Manal and Lemarie, Catherine A. and Frontini, Mattia and Alessi, Marie-Christine and Tregouet, David-Alexandre and Couturaud, Francis (2021). A rare coding mutation in the MAST2 gene causes venous thrombosis in a French family with unexplained thrombophilia: The Breizh MAST2 Arg89Gln variant. PLOS GENETICS. 17 , e1009284
[Research article]

Wang, Dandan and Pan, Dengke and Xie, Baocai and Wang, Shengnan and Xing, Xiangyang and Liu, Xuexue and Ma, Yuehui and Andersson, Leif and Wu, Jiangwei and Jiang, Lin (2021). Porcine ZBED6 regulates growth of skeletal muscle and internal organs via multiple targets. PLOS GENETICS. 17 , e1009862
[Research article]

Zhao, Haiyu and Li, Hongxiang and Du, Juan and Di Mauro, Giuseppe and Lungu-Mitea, Sebastian and Geyer, Nathalie and Vallone, Daniela and Bertolucci, Cristiano and Foulkes, Nicholas S. (2021). Regulation of ddb2 expression in blind cavefish and zebrafish reveals plasticity in the control of sunlight-induced DNA damage repair. PLOS GENETICS. 17 , e1009356
[Research article]


Bi, Huijuan and Tranell, Jonas and Harper, Dawn C. and Lin, Weifeng and Li, Jingyi and Hellstroem, Anders R. and Larsson, Marten and Rubin, Carl-Johan and Wang, Chao and Sayyab, Shumaila and Kerje, Susanne and Bed'hom, Bertrand and Gourichon, David and Ito, Shosuke and Wakamatsu, Kazumasa and Tixier-Boichard, Michele and Marks, Michael S. and Globisch, Daniel and Andersson, Leif (2023). A frame-shift mutation in COMTD1 is associated with impaired pheomelanin pigmentation in chicken. PLOS GENETICS. 19 :4 , e1010724
[Research article]

Lingaas, Frode and Tengvall, Katarina and Høgset Jansen, Johan and Pelander, Lena and Hurst, Maria H. and Meuwissen, Theo and Karlsson, Åsa and Meadows, Jennifer R. S. and Sundström, Elisabeth and Thoresen, Stein Istre and Ellen Frøysadal Arnet, Ellen and Guttersrud, Ole Albert and Kierczak, Marcin and Hytönen, Marjo K. and Lohi, Hannes and Hedhammar, Åke and Lindblad-Toh, Kerstin and Wang, Chao (2023). Bayesian mixed model analysis uncovered 21 risk loci for chronic kidney disease in boxer dogs. PLOS GENETICS. 19 :1 , e1010599
[Research article]

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