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Abouhatab, Assem and Krautscheid, Lena and Boqvist, Sofia (2021). COVID-19, Livestock Systems and Food Security in Developing Countries: A Systematic Review of an Emerging Literature. Pathogens. 10 , 586
[Article Review/Survey]


Chea, Rortana and Nguyen-Viet, Hung and Tum, Sothyra and Unger, Fred and Boqvist, Sofia and Dang-Xuan, Sinh and Koam, Sok and Grace, Delia and Osbjer, Kristina and Heng, Theng and Sarim, Seng and Phirum, Or and Sophia, Roeurn and Lindahl, Johanna (2021). Prevalence of Salmonella spp. and Staphylococcus aureus in Chicken Meat and Pork from Cambodian Markets. Pathogens. 10 , 556
[Research article]

Czubatka-Bieńkowska, Anna and Kaczmarek, Joanna and Marzec-Schmidt, Katarzyna and Nieróbca, Anna and Czajka, Agnieszka and Jędryczka, Małgorzata (2020). Country-Wide qPCR Based Assessment of Plasmodiophora brassicae Spread in Agricultural Soils and Recommendations for the Cultivation of Brassicaceae Crops in Poland. Pathogens. 9 , 1070
[Research article]


Douglas, Kirk Osmond and Cayol, Claire and Forbes, Kristian Michael and Samuels, Thelma Alafia and Vapalahti, Olli and Sironen, Tarja and Gittens-St. Hilaire, Marquita (2021). Serological Evidence of Multiple Zoonotic Viral Infections among Wild Rodents in Barbados. Pathogens. 10 :6 , 663
[Research article]


Frosth, Sara and Karlsson Lindsjö, Oskar and Niazi, Adnan and Fernström, Lise-Lotte and Hansson, Ingrid (2020). Identification of Transmission Routes of Campylobacter and On-Farm Measures to Reduce Campylobacter in Chicken. Pathogens. 9 , 363 , 1-17
[Research article]

Fuehrer, Hans-Peter and Morelli, Simone and Unterkoefler, Maria Sophia and Bajer, Anna and Bakran-Lebl, Karin and Dwuznik-Szarek, Dorota and Farkas, Robert and Grandi, Giulio and Heddergott, Mike and Jokelainen, Pikka and Knific, Tanja and Leschnik, Michael and Miterpakova, Martina and Modry, David and Petersen, Heidi Huus and Skirnisson, Karl and Vergles Rataj, Aleksandra and Schnyder, Manuela and Strube, Christina (2021). Dirofilaria spp. and Angiostrongylus vasorum: Current Risk of Spreading in Central and Northern Europe. Pathogens. 10 , 1268
[Article Review/Survey]


Hansson, Ingrid and Ellstrom, Patrik and Nilsson, Oskar and Chaba, Matilda and Skarin, Moa and Fernström, Lise-Lotte and Frosth, Sara (2021). Differences in Genotype and Antimicrobial Resistance between Campylobacter spp. Isolated from Organic and Conventionally Produced Chickens in Sweden. Pathogens. 10 , 1630
[Research article]

He, Dun-Chun and He, Meng-Han and Amalin, Divina M. and Liu, Wei and Alvindia, Dionisio G. and Zhan, Jiasui (2021). Biological Control of Plant Diseases: An Evolutionary and Eco-Economic Consideration. Pathogens. 10 , 1311
[Article Review/Survey]

Henriksson, Ellinor and Söderberg, Rebecca and Ström Hallenberg, Gunilla and Kroesna, Kang and Ly, Sokong and Sear, Borin and Unger, Fred and Tum, Sothyra and Nguyen-Viet, Hung and Lindahl, Johanna (2021). Japanese Encephalitis in Small-Scale Pig Farming in Rural Cambodia: Pig Seroprevalence and Farmer Awareness. Pathogens. 10 , 578
[Research article]


Timmusk, Salme and Nevo, Eviatar and Ayele Dadi, Fantaye and Noe, Steffen and Niinemets, Ulo (2020). Fighting Fusarium Pathogens in the Era of Climate Change: A Conceptual Approach. Pathogens. 9 , 419
[Research article]


Wensman, Jonas Johansson and Stokstad, Maria (2020). Could Naturally Occurring Coronaviral Diseases in Animals Serve as Models for COVID-19? A Review Focusing on the Bovine Model. Pathogens. 9 , 991
[Article Review/Survey]

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