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Bartomeus, Ignasi and Potts, Simon G. and Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf and Vaissière, Bernard E. and Woyciechowski, Michal and Krewenka, Kristin and Tscheulin, Thomas and Roberts, Stuart P.M. and Szentgyörgyi, Hajnalka and Westphal, Catrin and Bommarco, Riccardo (2014). Contribution of insect pollinators to crop yield and quality varies with agricultural intensification. PeerJ. 2 , 1-20
[Journal article]


Ruete, Alejandro and Leynaud, Gerardo C. (2015). Identification of limiting climatic and geographical variables for the distribution of the tortoise Chelonoidis chilensis (Testudinidae): a baseline for conservation actions. PeerJ. 3 , 1-12
[Journal article]


Borgström, Pernilla and Strengbom, Joachim and Viketoft, Maria and Bommarco, Riccardo (2016). Aboveground insect herbivory increases plant competitive asymmetry, while belowground herbivory mitigates the effect. PeerJ. 4 , 1-18
[Journal article]


Belle, Simon and Cabana, Gilbert (2020). Effects of changes in isotopic baselines on the evaluation of food web structure using isotopic functional indices. PeerJ. 8 , e9999
[Journal article]

Deckmyn, Gaby and Flores, Omar and Mayer, Mathias and Domene, Xavier and Schnepf, Andrea and Kuka, Katrin and Van Looy, Kris and Rasse, Daniel P. and Briones, Maria J. and Barot, Sebastien and Vanguelova, Elena and Berg, Matty and Ostonen, Ivika and Vereecken, Harry and Suz, Laura M. and Frey, Beat and Frossard, Aline and Tiunov, Alexei and Frouz, Jan and Grebenc, Tine and Opik, Maarja and Javaux, Mathieu and Uvarov, Alexei and Vinduskova, Olga and Krogh, Paul Henning and Franklin, Oskar and Jimenez, Juan and Yuste, Jorge Curiel (2020). KEYLINK: towards a more integrative soil representation for inclusion in ecosystem scale models. I. review and model concept. PeerJ. 8 , e9750
[Article Review/Survey]

Egenvall, Agneta and Engström, Hannah and Byström, Anna (2020). Kinematic effects of the circle with and without rider in walking horses. PeerJ. 8 , e10354
[Journal article]

Hallfors, Maria and Lehvävirta, Susanna and Aandahl, Tone and Lehtimaki, Iida-Maria and Nilsson, Lars Ola and Ruotsalainen, Anna and Schulman, Leif E. and Hyvarinen, Marko T. (2020). Translocation of an arctic seashore plant reveals signs of maladaptation to altered climatic conditions. PeerJ. 8 , e10357
[Journal article]

Kanuch, Peter and Kiehl, Berrit and Cassel-Lundhagen, Anna and Laugen, Ane and Low, Matthew and Berggren, Åsa (2020). Gene flow relates to evolutionary divergence among populations at the range margin. PeerJ. 8 , e10036
[Journal article]

Kotowska, Dorota and Zegarek, Marcin and Osojca, Grzegorz and Satory, Andrzej and Pärt, Tomas and Żmihorski, Michał (2020). Spatial patterns of bat diversity overlap with woodpecker abundance. PeerJ. 8 , e9385 , 1-18
[Journal article]

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