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Kushwah, Sunita and Banasiak, Alicja and Nishikubo, Nobuyuki and Derba-Maceluch, Marta and Majda, Mateusz and Endo, Satoshi and Kumar, Vikash and Gomez, Leonardo and Gorzsas, Andras and McQueen-Mason, Simon and Braam, Janet and Sundberg, Björn and Mellerowicz, Ewa (2020). Arabidopsis XTH4 and XTH9 Contribute to Wood Cell Expansion and Secondary Wall Formation. Plant Physiology. 182 , 1946-1965
[Research article]


Andres, Javier and Caruana, Julie and Liang, Jiahui and Samad, Samia and Monfort, Amparo and Liu, Zhongchi and Hytonen, Timo and Koskela, Elli A. (2021). Woodland strawberry axillary bud fate is dictated by a crosstalk of environmental and endogenous factors. Plant Physiology. 187 , 1221-1234
[Research article]

Dvorák Tomastíková, Eva and Hafrén, Anders and Trejo-Arellano, Minerva S. and Rasmussen, Sheena and Sato, Hikaru and Santos-González, Juan and Köhler, Claudia and Hennigs, Lars and Hofius, Daniel (2021). Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 and KRYPTONITE regulate pathogen-induced programmed cell death in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology. 185 , 2003-2021
[Research article]

Fataftah, Nazeer and Bag, Pushan and André, Domenique and Lihavainen, Jenna and Zhang, Bo and Ingvarsson, Pär and Nilsson, Ove and Jansson, Stefan (2021). GIGANTEA influences leaf senescence in trees in two different ways. Plant Physiology. 187 , 2435-2450
[Research article]

Rigal, Adeline and Doyle, Siamsa and Ritter, Andres and Raggi, Sara and Vain, Thomas and O'Brien, Jose Antonio and Goossens, Alain and Pauwels, Laurens and Robert, Stephanie (2021). A network of stress-related genes regulates hypocotyl elongation downstream of selective auxin perception. Plant Physiology. 187 , 430-445
[Research article]


Demski, Kamil and Jeppsson, Simon and Stymne, Sten and Lager, Ida (2022). Phosphatidylcholine:diacylglycerol cholinephosphotransferase's unique regulation of castor bean oil quality. Plant Physiology. 189 :4 , 2001-2014
[Research article]

Liebsch, Daniela and Juvany, Marta and Li, Zhonghai and Wang, Hou-Ling and Ziolkowska, Agnieszka and Chrobok, Daria and Boussardon, Clement and Wen, Xing and Law, Simon R. and Janeckova, Helena and Brouwer, Bastiaan and Linden, Pernilla and Delhomme, Nicolas and Stenlund, Hans and Moritz, Thomas and Gardestrom, Per and Guo, Hongwei and Keech, Olivier (2022). Metabolic control of arginine and ornithine levels paces the progression of leaf senescence. Plant Physiology
[Research article]

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