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Righton, David and Westerberg, Håkan and Feunteun, Eric and Okland, Finn and Gargan, Patrick and Amilhat, Elsa and Metcalfe, Julian and Lobon-Cervia, Javier and Sjöberg, Niklas and Janek, Simon and Acou, Anthony and Vedor, Marisa and Walker, Alan and Trancart, Thomas and Brämick, Uwe and Aarestrup, Kim (2016). Empirical observations of the spawning migration of European eels: The long and dangerous road to the Sargasso Sea. Science Advances. 2 , 1-15
[Research article]


Stairs, Courtney W. and Dharamshi, Jennah E. and Tamarit Chuliá, Daniel and Eme, Laura and Jorgensen, Steffen L. and Spang, Anja and Ettema, Thijs J. G. (2020). Chlamydial contribution to anaerobic metabolism during eukaryotic evolution. Science Advances. 6 , eabb7258
[Research article]


Boyero, Luz and Perez, Javier and Lopez-Rojo, Naiara and Tonin, Alan M. and Correa-Araneda, Francisco and Pearson, Richard G. and Bosch, Jaime and Albarino, Ricardo J. and Bosch, Jaime and Anbalagan, Sankarappan and Barmuta, Leon A. and Beesley, Leah and Burdon, Francis and Caliman, Adriano and Callisto, Marcos and Campbell, Ian C. and Cardinale, Bradley J. and Jesus Casas, J. and Chara-Serna, Ana M. and Ciapala, Szymon and Chauvet, Eric and Colon-Gaud, Checo and Cornejo, Aydee and Davis, Aaron M. and Degebrodt, Monika and Dias, Emerson S. and Diaz, Maria E. and Douglas, Michael M. and Encalada, Andrea C. and de Eyto, Elvira and Figueroa, Ricardo and Flecker, Alexander S. and Fleituch, Tadeusz and Frainer, Andre and Franca, Juliana S. and Garcia, Erica A. and Garcia, Gabriela and Garcia, Pavel and Gessner, Mark O. and Giller, Paul S. and Gómez, Jesús E. and Gomez, Sergio and Goncalves, Jose F. and Graca, Manuel A. S. and Hall, Robert O. and Hamada, Neusa and Hepp, Luiz U. and Hui, Cang and Imazawa, Daichi and Iwata, Tomoya and Edson, S. A. Junior and Kariuki, Samuel and Landeira-Dabarca, Andrea and Leal, Maria and Lehosmaa, Kaisa and M'Erimba, Charles and Marchant, Richard and Martins, Renato T. and Masese, Frank O. and Camden, Megan and Mckie, Brendan and Medeiros, Adriana O. and Middleton, Jen A. and Muotka, Timo and Negishi, Junjiro N. and Ramirez, Alonso and Rezende, Renan S. and Richardson, John S. and Rincon, Jose and Rubio-Rios, Juan and Serrano, Claudia and Shaffer, Angela R. and Sheldon, Fran and Swan, Christopher M. and Tenkiano, Nathalie S. D. and Tiegs, Scott D. and Tolod, Janine R. and Vernasky, Michael and Watson, Anne and Yegon, Mourine J. and Yule, Catherine M. (2021). Latitude dictates plant diversity effects on instream decomposition. Science Advances. 7 , eabe7860
[Research article]

Fong, Stephanie and Rogell, Björn and Amcoff, Mirjam and Kotrschal, Alexander and van der Bijl, Wouter and Buechel, Severine D. and Kolm, Niclas (2021). Rapid mosaic brain evolution under artificial selection for relative telencephalon size in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata). Science Advances. 7 , eabj4314
[Research article]


Sanwlani, Nivedita and Evans, Chris D. and Evans, Christopher and Evans, Chris D. and Muller, Moritz and Cherukuru, Nagur and Martin, Patrick (2022). Rising dissolved organic carbon concentrations in coastal waters of northwestern Borneo related to tropical peatland conversion. Science Advances. 8 :15 , eabi5688
[Research article]

Snoeijs-Leijonmalm, Pauline and Flores, Hauke and Sakinan, Serdar and Hildebrandt, Nicole and Svenson, Anders and Castellani, Giulia and Vane, Kim and Mark, Felix C. and Heuze, Celine and Tippenhauer, Sandra and Niehoff, Barbara and Hjelm, Joakim and Hentati Sundberg, Jonas and Schaafsma, Fokje and Engelmann, Ronny (2022). Unexpected fish and squid in the central Arctic deep scattering layer. Science Advances. 8 :7 , eabj7536
[Research article]

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