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Kjaer, Lene Jung and Klitgaard, Kirstine and Soleng, Arnulf and Edgar, Kristin Skarsfjord and Lindstedt, Heidi Elisabeth H. and Paulsen, Katrine M. and Andreassen, Ashild Kristine and Korslund, Lars and Kjelland, Vivian and Slettan, Audun and Stuen, Snorre and Kjellander, Petter and Christensson, Madeleine and Teräväinen, Malin and Baum, Andreas and Jensen, Laura Mark and Bodker, Rene (2020). Spatial data of Ixodes ricinus instar abundance and nymph pathogen prevalence, Scandinavia, 2016-2017. Scientific Data. 7 , 238
[Research article]

Pastorello, Gilberto and Trotta, Carlo and Canfora, Eleonora and Chu, Housen and Christianson, Danielle and Cheah, You-Wei and Poindexter, Cristina and Chen, Jiquan and Elbashandy, Abdelrahman and Humphrey, Marty and Isaac, Peter and Polidori, Diego and Ribeca, Alessio and van Ingen, Catharine and Zhang, Leiming and Amiro, Brian and Ammann, Christof and Arain, M. Altaf and Ardo, Jonas and Arkebauer, Timothy and Arndt, Stefan K. and Arriga, Nicola and Aubinet, Marc and Aurela, Mika and Baldocchi, Dennis and Barr, Alan and Beamesderfer, Eric and Marchesini, Luca Belelli and Bergeron, Onil and Beringer, Jason and Bernhofer, Christian and Berveiller, Daniel and Billesbach, Dave and Black, Thomas Andrew and Blanken, Peter D. and Bohrer, Gil and Boike, Julia and Bolstad, Paul V. and Bonal, Damien and Bonnefond, Jean-Marc and Bowling, David R. and Bracho, Rosvel and Brodeur, Jason and Bruemmer, Christian and Buchmann, Nina and Burban, Benoit and Burns, Sean P. and Buysse, Pauline and Cale, Peter and Cavagna, Mauro and Cellier, Pierre and Chen, Shiping and Chini, Isaac and Christensen, Torben R. and Cleverly, James and Collalti, Alessio and Consalvo, Claudia and Cook, Bruce D. and Coursolle, Carole and Cremonese, Edoardo and Curtis, Peter S. and D'Andrea, Ettore and da Rocha, Humberto and Dai, Xiaoqin and Davis, Kenneth J. and De Cinti, Bruno and de Grandcourt, Agnes and De Ligne, Anne and De Oliveira, Raimundo C. and Delpierre, Nicolas and Desai, Ankur R. and Di Bella, Carlos Marcelo and di Tommasi, Paul and Dolman, Han and Domingo, Francisco and Dong, Gang and Dore, Sabina and Duce, Pierpaolo and Dufrene, Eric and Dunn, Allison and Dusek, Jiri and Eamus, Derek and Eichelmann, Uwe and ElKhidir, Hatim Abdalla M. and Eugster, Werner and Ewenz, Cacilia M. and Ewers, Brent and Famulari, Daniela and Fares, Silvano and Feigenwinter, Iris and Feitz, Andrew and Fensholt, Rasmus and Filippa, Gianluca and Fischer, Marc and Frank, John and Galvagno, Marta and Gharun, Mana and Gianelle, Damiano and Gielen, Bert and Gioli, Beniamino and Gitelson, Anatoly and Goded, Ignacio and Goeckede, Mathias and Goldstein, Allen H. and Gough, Christopher M. and Goulden, Michael L. and Graf, Alexander and Griebel, Anne and Gruening, Carsten and Gruenwald, Thomas and Hammerle, Albin and Han, Shijie and Hansen, Birger Ulf and Hanson, Chad and Hatakka, Juha and He, Yongtao and Hehn, Markus and Heinesch, Bernard and Hinko-Najera, Nina and Hoertnagl, Lukas and Hutley, Lindsay and Ibrom, Andreas and Ikawa, Hiroki and Jackowicz-Korczynski, Marcin and Janous, Dalibor and Jans, Wilma and Jassal, Rachhpal and Jiang, Shicheng and Kato, Tomomichi and Khomik, Myroslava and Klatt, Janina and Knohl, Alexander and Knox, Sara and Kobayashi, Hideki and Koerber, Georgia and Kolle, Olaf and Kosugi, Yoshiko and Kotani, Ayumi and Kowalski, Andrew and Kruijt, Bart and Kurbatova, Julia and Kutsch, Werner L. and Kwon, Hyojung and Launiainen, Samuli and Laurila, Tuomas and Law, Bev and Leuning, Ray and Li, Yingnian and Liddell, Michael and Limousin, Jean-Marc and Lion, Marryanna and Liska, Adam J. and Lohila, Annalea and Lopez-Ballesteros, Ana and Lopez-Blanco, Efren and Loubet, Benjamin and Loustau, Denis and Lucas-Moffat, Antje and Lueers, Johannes and Ma, Siyan and Macfarlane, Craig and Magliulo, Vincenzo and Maier, Regine and Mammarella, Ivan and Manca, Giovanni and Marcolla, Barbara and Margolis, Hank A. and Marras, Serena and Massman, William and Mastepanov, Mikhail and Matamala, Roser and Matthes, Jaclyn Hatala and Mazzenga, Francesco and McCaughey, Harry and McHugh, Ian and McMillan, Andrew M. S. and Merbold, Lutz and Meyer, Wayne and Meyers, Tilden and Miller, Scott D. and Minerbi, Stefano and Moderow, Uta and Monson, Russell K. and Montagnani, Leonardo and Moore, Caitlin E. and Moors, Eddy and Moreaux, Virginie and Moureaux, Christine and Munger, J. William and Nakai, Taro and Neirynck, Johan and Nesic, Zoran and Nicolini, Giacomo and Noormets, Asko and Northwood, Matthew and Nosetto, Marcelo and Nouvellon, Yann and Novick, Kimberly and Oechel, Walter and Olesen, Jorgen Eivind and Ourcival, Jean-Marc and Papuga, Shirley A. and Parmentier, Frans-Jan and Paul-Limoges, Eugenie and Pavelka, Marian and Peichl, Matthias and Pendall, Elise and Phillips, Richard P. and Pilegaard, Kim and Pirk, Norbert and Posse, Gabriela and Powell, Thomas and Prasse, Heiko and Prober, Suzanne M. and Rambal, Serge and Rannik, Ullar and Raz-Yaseef, Naama and Reed, David and de Dios, Victor Resco and Restrepo-Coupe, Natalia and Reverter, Borja R. and Roland, Marilyn and Sabbatini, Simone and Sachs, Torsten and Saleska, Scott R. and Sanchez-Canete, Enrique P. and Sanchez-Mejia, Zulia M. and Schmid, Hans Peter and Schmidt, Marius and Schneider, Karl and Schrader, Frederik and Schroder, Ivan and Scott, Russell L. and Sedlak, Pavel and Serrano-Ortiz, Penelope and Shao, Changliang and Shi, Peili and Shironya, Ivan and Siebicke, Lukas and Sigut, Ladislav and Silberstein, Richard and Sirca, Costantino and Spano, Donatella and Steinbrecher, Rainer and Stevens, Robert M. and Sturtevant, Cove and Suyker, Andy and Tagesson, Torbern and Takanashi, Satoru and Tang, Yanhong and Tapper, Nigel and Thom, Jonathan and Tiedemann, Frank and Tomassucci, Michele and Tuovinen, Juha-Pekka and Urbanski, Shawn and Valentini, Riccardo and van der Molen, Michiel and van Gorsel, Eva and van Huissteden, Ko and Varlagin, Andrej and Verfaillie, Joseph and Vesala, Timo and Vincke, Caroline and Vitale, Domenico and Vygodskaya, Natalia and Walker, Jeffrey P. and Walter-Shea, Elizabeth and Wang, Huimin and Weber, Robin and Westermann, Sebastian and Wille, Christian and Wofsy, Steven and Wohlfahrt, Georg and Wolf, Sebastian and Woodgate, William and Li, Yuelin and Zampedri, Roberto and Zhang, Junhui and Zhou, Guoyi and Zona, Donatella and Agarwal, Deb and Biraud, Sebastien and Torn, Margaret and Papale, Dario (2020). The FLUXNET2015 dataset and the ONEFlux processing pipeline for eddy covariance data. Scientific Data. 7 , 225
[Research article]


Buck, Moritz and Garcia, Sarahi L. and Fernandez, Leyden and Martin, Gaëtan and Saarenheimo, Jatta and Zopfi, Jakob and Bertilsson, Stefan and Peura, Sari (2021). Comprehensive dataset of shotgun metagenomes from oxygen stratified freshwater lakes and ponds. Scientific Data. 8 , 131
[Research article]

Phillips, Helen R. P. and Bach, Elizabeth M. and Bartz, Marie L. C. and Bennett, Joanne M. and Beugnon, Remy and Briones, Maria J. I. and Brown, George G. and Ferlian, Olga and Gongalsky, Konstantin B. and Guerra, Carlos A. and Koenig-Ries, Birgitta and Krebs, Julia J. and Orgiazzi, Alberto and Ramirez, Kelly S. and Russell, David J. and Schwarz, Benjamin and Wall, Diana H. and Brose, Ulrich and Decaens, Thibaud and Lavelle, Patrick and Mathieu, Jerome and Mulder, Christian and van der Putten, Wim H. and Rillig, Matthias C. and Thakur, Madhav P. and de Vries, Franciska T. and Wardle, David A. and Ammer, Christian and Ammer, Sabine and Arai, Miwa and Ayuke, Fredrick O. and Baker, Geoff H. and Baretta, Dilmar and Barkusky, Dietmar and Beausejour, Robin and Bedano, Jose C. and Birkhofer, Klaus and Blanchart, Eric and Blossey, Bernd and Bolger, Thomas and Bradley, Robert L. and Brossard, Michel and Burtis, James C. and Capowiez, Yvan and Cavagnaro, Timothy R. and Choi, Amy and Clause, Julia and Cluzeau, Daniel and Coors, Anja and Crotty, Felicity V. and Crumsey, Jasmine M. and Davalos, Andrea and Diaz Cosin, Dario J. and Dobson, Annise M. and Dominguez, Anahi and Esteban Duhour, Andres and van Eekeren, Nick and Emmerling, Christoph and Falco, Liliana B. and Fernandez, Rosa and Fonte, Steven J. and Fragoso, Carlos and Franco, Andre L. C. and Fusilero, Abegail and Geraskina, Anna P. and Gholami, Shaieste and Gonzalez, Grizelle and Gundale, Michael and Gutierrez Lopez, Monica and Hackenberger, Branimir K. and Hackenberger, Davorka K. and Hernandez, Luis M. and Hirth, Jeff R. and Hishi, Takuo and Holdsworth, Andrew R. and Holmstrup, Martin and Hopfensperger, Kristine N. and Huerta Lwanga, Esperanza and Huhta, Veikko and Hurisso, Tunsisa T. and Iannone, Basil V. and Iordache, Madalina and Irmler, Ulrich and Ivask, Mari and Jesus, Juan B. and Johnson-Maynard, Jodi L. and Joschko, Monika and Kaneko, Nobuhiro and Kanianska, Radoslava and Keith, Aidan M. and Kernecker, Maria L. and Kone, Armand W. and Kooch, Yahya and Kukkonen, Sanna T. and Lalthanzara, H. and Lammel, Daniel R. and Lebedev, Iurii M. and Le Cadre, Edith and Lincoln, Noa K. and Lopez-Hernandez, Danilo and Loss, Scott R. and Marichal, Raphael and Matula, Radim and Minamiya, Yukio and Moos, Jan Hendrik and Moreno, Gerardo and Moron-Rios, Alejandro and Motohiro, Hasegawa and Muys, Bart and Neirynck, Johan and Norgrove, Lindsey and Novo, Marta and Nuutinen, Visa and Nuzzo, Victoria and Rahman, P. Mujeeb and Pansu, Johan and Paudel, Shishir and Peres, Guenola and Perez-Camacho, Lorenzo and Ponge, Jean-Francois and Prietzel, Joerg and Rapoport, Irina B. and Rashid, Muhammad Imtiaz and Rebollo, Salvador and Rodriguez, Miguel A. and Roth, Alexander M. and Rousseau, Guillaume X. and Rozen, Anna and Sayad, Ehsan and van Schaik, Loes and Scharenbroch, Bryant and Schirrmann, Michael and Schmidt, Olaf and Schroeder, Boris and Seeber, Julia and Shashkov, Maxim P. and Singh, Jaswinder and Smith, Sandy M. and Steinwandter, Michael and Szlavecz, Katalin and Antonio Talavera, Jose and Trigo, Dolores and Tsukamoto, Jiro and Uribe-Lopez, Sheila and de Valenca, Anne W. and Virto, Inigo and Wackett, Adrian A. and Warren, Matthew W. and Webster, Emily R. and Wehr, Nathaniel H. and Whalen, Joann K. and Wironen, Michael B. and Wolters, Volkmar and Wu, Pengfei and Zenkova, Irina V. and Zhang, Weixin and Cameron, Erin K. and Eisenhauer, Nico (2021). Global data on earthworm abundance, biomass, diversity and corresponding environmental properties. Scientific Data. 8 , 136
[Research article]

Poetzelsberger, Elisabeth and Gossner, Martin M. and Beenken, Ludwig and Gazda, Anna and Petr, Michal and Ylioja, Tiina and La Porta, Nicola and Avtzis, Dimitrios N. and Bay, Elodie and De Groot, Maarten and Drenkhan, Rein and Duduman, Mihai-Leonard and Enderle, Rasmus and Georgieva, Margarita and Hietala, Ari M. and Hoppe, Bjoern and Jactel, Herve and Jarni, Kristjan and Keren, Srdan and Keseru, Zsolt and Koprowski, Marcin and Kormutak, Andrej and Lombardero, Maria Josefa and Lukjanova, Aljona and Marozas, Vitas and Mauri, Edurad and Monteverdi, Maria Cristina and Nygaard, Per Holm and Ogris, Nikica and Olenici, Nicolai and Orazio, Christophe and Perny, Bernhard and Pinto, Gloria and Power, Michael and Puchalka, Radoslaw and Ravn, Hans Peter and Sevillano, Ignacio and Stroheker, Sophie and Taylor, Paul and Tsopelas, Panagiotis and Urban, Josef and Voolma, Kaljo and Westergren, Marjana and Witzell, Johanna and Zborovska, Olga and Zlatkovic, Milica (2021). Biotic threats for 23 major non-native tree species in Europe. Scientific Data. 8 :1 , 210
[Research article]


Michell, Craig T. and Pohjoismaki, Jaakko L. O. and Spong, Göran and Thulin, Carl-Gustaf (2022). Mountain-and brown hare genetic polymorphisms to survey local adaptations and conservation status of the heath hare (Lepus timidus sylvaticus, Nilsson 1831). Scientific Data. 9 , 667
[Research article]

Zlatkovic, Milica and Wang, Yongjun and Sivickis, Karolis and Vettraino, Anna Maria and Uimari, Anne and Franic, Iva and Witzell, Johanna and Talgo, Venche and Villari, Caterina and Ruffner, Beat and Franic, Iva and Tomoshevich, Maria and Ulyshen, Michael and Prospero, Simone and Adamson, Kalev and Allan, Eric and Attorre, Fabio and Baert, Wim and Barta, Marek and Boron, Piotr and Brestovanska, Tereza and Brurberg, May Bente and Burgess, Treena and Burokiene, Daiva and Cleary, Michelle and Coyle, David R. and Cerny, Karel and de Groot, Maarten and Diez, Julio Javier and Dogmus Lehtijarvi, H. Tugba and Drenkhan, Rein and Edwards, Jacqueline and Elsafy, Mohammed and Fan, Jianting and Feddern, Nina and Gossner, Martin M. and Grad, Bartlomiej and Hartmann, Martin and Havrdova, Ludmila and Horakova, Miriam Kadasi and Hrabetova, Marketa and Justesen, Mathias Just and Kacprzyk, Magdalena and Kirichenko, Natalia and Kovac, Marta and Kramarets, Volodymyr and Lazarevic, Jelena and Leskiv, Marianna and Li, Hongmei and Madsen, Corrie Lynne and Malumphy, Chris and Matosevic, Dinka and Matsiakh, Iryna and May, Tom W. and Meffert, Johan and Migliorini, Duccio and Nikolov, Christo and O'Hanlon, Richard and Oskay, Funda and Paap, Trudy and Piskur, Barbara and Ravn, Hans Peter and Richard, John (2022). Worldwide diversity of endophytic fungi and insects associated with dormant tree twigs. Scientific Data. 9 :1 , 62
[Research article]

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