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Eckert Matzembacher, Daniele and Brancoli, Pedro and Moltene Maia, Laís and Eriksson, Mattias (2020). Consumer's food waste in different restaurants configuration: A comparison between different levels of incentive and interaction. Waste Management. 114 , 263-273
[Research article]


Brancoli, Pedro and Bolton, Kim and Eriksson, Mattias (2020). Environmental impacts of waste management and valorisation pathways for surplus bread in Sweden. Waste Management. 117 , 136-145
[Research article]


Nordell, E. and Moestedt, J. and Yekta, S. Shakeri and Bjorn, A. and Sun, Li and Schnürer, Anna (2021). Post-treatment of dewatered digested sewage sludge by thermophilic high-solid digestion for pasteurization with positive energy output. Waste Management. 119 , 11-21
[Research article]

Tiberg, Charlotta and Sjöstedt, Carin and Fedje, Karin Karlfeldt (2021). Speciation of Cu and Zn in bottom ash from solid waste incineration studied by XAS, XRD, and geochemical modelling. Waste Management. 119 , 389-398
[Research article]


Lindberg, Lovisa and Vinnerås, Björn and Lalander, Cecilia (2022). Process efficiency in relation to enzyme pre-treatment duration in black soldier fly larvae composting. Waste Management. 137 , 121-127
[Research article]


Lopes, Iva Guidini and Yong, Jean W.H and Lalander, Cecilia (2022). Frass derived from black soldier fly treatment of biodegradable wastes. A critical review and future perspectives. Waste Management. 142 , 65-76
[Article Review/Survey]


Hultberg, Malin and Asp, Håkan and Bergstrand, Karl-Johan and Golovko, Oksana (2023). Production of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) on sawdust supplemented with anaerobic digestate. Waste Management. 155 , 1-7
[Research article]


Malek, Wasim and Mortazavi, Reza and Cialani, Catia and Nordström, Jonas (2023). How have waste management policies impacted the flow of municipal waste? An empirical analysis of 14 European countries. Waste Management. 164 , 84-93
[Research article]


Caspersen, Siri and Oskarsson, Camilla and Asp, Håkan (2023). Nutrient challenges with solid-phase anaerobic digestate as a peat substitute-Storage decreased ammonium toxicity but increased phosphorus availability. Waste Management. 165 , 128-139
[Research article]


Pietrangeli, Roberta and Eriksson, Mattias and Strotmann, Christina and Cicatiello, Clara and Nasso, Marco and Fanelli, Luca and Melaragni, Luigia and Blasi, Emanuele (2023). Quantification and economic assessment of surplus bread in Italian small-scale bakeries: An explorative study. Waste Management. 169 , 301-309
[Research article]


Parchami, Milad and Uwineza, Clarisse and Ibeabuchi, Onyinyechi H. and Rustas, Bengt-Ove and Taherzadeh, Mohammad J. and Mahboubi, Amir (2023). Membrane bioreactor assisted volatile fatty acids production from agro-industrial residues for ruminant feed application. Waste Management. 170 , 62-74
[Research article]


Lopes, Iva Guidini and Wiklicky, Viktoria and Ermolaev, Evgheni and Lalander, Cecilia (2023). Dynamics of black soldier fly larvae composting – Impact of substrate properties and rearing conditions on process efficiency. Waste Management. 172 , 25-32
[Research article]


Sundberg, Cecilia and Yu, D and Franke-Whittle, Ingrid H. and Kauppi, Sari and Smårs, Sven and Insam, Heribert and Romantschuk, Martin and Jönsson, Håkan (2013). Effects of pH and microbial composition on odour in food waste composting. Waste Management. 33 :1 , 204-211
[Research article]


Lalander, Cecilia and Komakech, Allan and Vinnerås, Björn (2015). Vermicomposting as manure management strategy for urban small-holder animal farms - Kampala case study. Waste Management. 39 , 96-103
[Research article]


Westerholm, Maria and Castillo, M.d.P. and Chan Andersson, A. and Jahre Nilsen, P. and Schnürer, Anna (2019). Effects of thermal hydrolytic pre-treatment on biogas process efficiency and microbial community structure in industrial- and laboratory-scale digesters. Waste Management. 95 , 150-160
[Research article]

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