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Bejarano, Maria Dolores and Garcia-Palacios, Jaime H. and Sordo-Ward, Alvaro and Garrote, Luis and Nilsson, Christer (2020). A New Tool for Assessing Environmental Impacts of Altering Short-Term Flow and Water Level Regimes. Water. 12 , 2913
[Journal article]

Bieroza, Magdalena and Dupas, Remi and Glendell, Miriam and McGrath, Gavan and Mellander, Per-Erik (2020). Hydrological and Chemical Controls on Nutrient and Contaminant Loss to Water in Agricultural Landscapes. Water. 12 , 3379

Burdon, Francis and Ramberg, Ellinor and Sargac, Jasmina and Forio, Marie Anne Eurie and de Saeyer, Nancy and Mutinova, Petra Thea and Moe, Therese Fosholt and Pavelescu, Mihaela Oprina and Dinu, Valentin and Cazacu, Constantin and Witing, Felix and Kupilas, Benjamin and Grandin, Ulf and Volk, Martin and Risnoveanu, Geta and Goethals, Peter and Friberg, Nikolai and Johnson, Richard and Mckie, Brendan (2020). Assessing the Benefits of Forested Riparian Zones: A Qualitative Index of Riparian Integrity Is Positively Associated with Ecological Status in European Streams. Water. 12 , 1178 , 1-24
[Journal article]


Crossman, Jill and Bussi, Gianbattista and Whitehead, Paul G. and Butterfield, Daniel and Lannergård, Emma and Futter, Martyn (2021). A New, Catchment-Scale Integrated Water Quality Model of Phosphorus, Dissolved Oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Phytoplankton: INCA-Phosphorus Ecology (PEco). Water. 13 , 723
[Journal article]


Donoso, Guillermo and Barron, Jennie and Uhlenbrook, Stefan and Hussein, Hussam and Choi, Gyewoon (2021). Science-Policy Engagement to Achieve "Water for Society-Including All". Water. 13 , 246


Forio, Marie Anne Eurie and De Troyer, Niels and Lock, Koen and Witing, Felix and Baert, Lotte and De Saeyer, Nancy and Risnoveanu, Geta and Popescu, Cristina and Burdon, Francis and Kupilas, Benjamin and Friberg, Nikolai and Boets, Pieter and Volk, Martin and Mckie, Brendan and Goethals, Peter (2020). Small Patches of Riparian Woody Vegetation Enhance Biodiversity of Invertebrates. Water. 12 , 3070
[Journal article]


Gossweiler, Benjamin and Wesström, Ingrid and Messing, Ingmar and Villazón, Mauricio and Joel, Abraham (2021). Impact of Land Use Change on Non-Point Source Pollution in a Semi-Arid Catchment under Rapid Urbanisation in Bolivia. Water. 13 , 410
[Journal article]


Hashemi, Fatemeh and Pohle, Ina and Pullens, Johannes W. M. and Tornbjerg, Henrik and Kyllmar, Katarina and Marttila, Hannu and Lepisto, Ahti and Klove, Bjorn and Futter, Martyn and Kronvang, Brian (2020). Conceptual Mini-Catchment Typologies for Testing Dominant Controls of Nutrient Dynamics in Three Nordic Countries. Water. 12 , 1776 , 1-17
[Journal article]


Mutinova, Petra Thea and Kahlert, Maria and Kupilas, Benjamin and Mckie, Brendan and Friberg, Nikolai and Burdon, Francis (2020). Benthic Diatom Communities in Urban Streams and the Role of Riparian Buffers. Water. 12 , 2799
[Journal article]


Popescu, Cristina and Oprina-Pavelescu, Mihaela and Dinu, Valentin and Cazacu, Constantin and Burdon, Francis and Forio, Marie Anne Eurie and Kupilas, Benjamin and Friberg, Nikolai and Goethals, Peter and Mckie, Brendan and Risnoveanu, Geta (2021). Riparian Vegetation Structure Influences Terrestrial Invertebrate Communities in an Agricultural Landscape. Water. 13 , 188
[Journal article]

Princ, Tomas and Fideles, Helena Maria Reis and Koestel, Johannes and Snehota, Michal (2020). The Impact of Capillary Trapping of Air on Satiated Hydraulic Conductivity of Sands Interpreted by X-ray Microtomography. Water. 12 , 445 , 2-19
[Journal article]


Ramberg, Ellinor and Burdon, Francis and Sargac, Jasmina and Kupilas, Benjamin and Rîşnoveanu, Geta and Lau, Danny C. P. and Johnson, Richard and Mckie, Brendan (2020). The Structure of Riparian Vegetation in Agricultural Landscapes Influences Spider Communities and Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages. Water. 12 , 2855
[Journal article]

Rankinen, Katri and Turtola, Eila and Lemola, Riitta and Futter, Martyn and Cano Bernal, Jose Enrique (2021). Nutrient Load Mitigation with Wintertime Cover as Estimated by the INCA Model. Water. 13 , 450
[Journal article]

Rutten, Guido and Cinderby, Steve and Barron, Jennie (2020). Understanding Complexity in Freshwater Management: Practitioners' Perspectives in The Netherlands. Water. 12 , 593 , 2-18
[Journal article]


Su, Zhongbo and Zeng, Yijian and Romano, Nunzio and Manfreda, Salvatore and Francés, Félix and Ben Dor, Eyal and Szabó, Brigitta and Vico, Giulia and Nasta, Paolo and Zhuang, Ruodan and Francos, Nicolas and Mészáros, János and Fortunato Dal Sasso, Silvano and Bassiouni, Maoya and Zhang, Lijie and Tendayi Rwasoka, Donald and Retsios, Bas and Yu, Lianyu and Blatchford, Megan Leigh and Mannaerts, Chris (2020). An Integrative Information Aqueduct to Close the Gaps between Satellite Observation of Water Cycle and Local Sustainable Management of Water Resources. Water. 12 , 1495 , 1-36
[Journal article]


Thongdam, Somjate and Kuster, Anthony C. and Huser, Brian and Kuster, Anootnara T. (2021). Low Dose Coagulant and Local Soil Ballast Effectively Remove Cyanobacteria (Microcystis) from Tropical Lake Water without Cell Damage. Water. 13 , 111
[Journal article]


Vitecek, Simon and Johnson, Richard and Poikane, Sandra (2021). Assessing the Ecological Status of European Rivers and Lakes Using Benthic Invertebrate Communities: A Practical Catalogue of Metrics and Methods. Water. 13 , 346
[Article Review/Survey]

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