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Capezza, Antonio José and Muneer, Faraz and Prade, Thomas and Newson, William and Das, Oisik and Olsson, Richard T. and Hedenqvist, Mikael S. and Johansson, Eva (2021). Acylation of agricultural protein biomass yields biodegradable superabsorbent plastics. Communications Chemistry. 4 , 52
[Research article]

Cavalcante, Edmo H. M. and Candido, Iuri C. M. and de Oliveira, Helinando P. and Barreto Silveira, Kamilla and de Souza Álvares, Thiago Víctor and Lima, Eder C. and Thyrel, Mikael and Larsson, Sylvia and Simões Dos Reis, Glaydson (2022). 3‑Aminopropyl-triethoxysilane-Functionalized Tannin-Rich Grape Biomass for the Adsorption of Methyl Orange Dye: Synthesis, Characterization, and the Adsorption Mechanism. ACS Omega :22 , 18997–19009
[Research article]


Das, Atanu Kumar and Islam, Md. Nazrul and Faruk, Md Omar and Ashaduzzaman, Md and Dungani, Rudi (2020). Review on tannins: Extraction processes, applications and possibilities. South African Journal of Botany. 135 , 58-70
[Article Review/Survey]


Greco, Gabriele and Arndt, Tina and Schmuck, Benjamin and Francis, Juanita and Bäcklund, Fredrik G. and Shilkova, Olga and Barth, Andreas and Gonska, Nathalie and Seisenbaeva, Gulaim and Kessler, Vadim and Johansson, Jan and Pugno, Nicola M. and Rising, Anna (2021). Tyrosine residues mediate supercontraction in biomimetic spider silk. Communications Materials. 2 , 43
[Research article]

Greco, Gabriele and Mirbaha, Hamideh and Schmuck, Benjamin and Rising, Anna and Pugno, Nicola M. (2022). Artificial and natural silk materials have high mechanical property variability regardless of sample size. Scientific Reports. 12 , 3507
[Research article]


Kiseleva, Aleksandra P. and Kiselev, Grigorii O. and Nikolaeva, Valeria O. and Seisenbaeva, Gulaim and Kessler, Vadim and Krivoshapkin, Pavel and Krivoshapkina, Elena F. (2020). Hybrid Spider Silk with Inorganic Nanomaterials. Nanomaterials. 10 , 1853
[Article Review/Survey]


Lima, Ravi Moreno Araujo Pinheiro and Simões Dos Reis, Glaydson and Thyrel, Mikael and Alcaraz-Espinoza, Jose Jarib and Larsson, Sylvia and de Oliveira, Helinando Pequeno (2022). Facile Synthesis of Sustainable Biomass-Derived Porous Biochars as Promising Electrode Materials for High-Performance Supercapacitor Applications. Nanomaterials. 12 :5 , 866
[Research article]


Miranda-Martinez, Andres and Yan, Hongji and Silveira, Valentin and Javier Serrano-Olmedo, Jose and Crouzier, Thomas (2022). Portable Quartz Crystal Resonator Sensor for Characterising the Gelation Kinetics and Viscoelastic Properties of Hydrogels. Gels. 8 :11 , 718
[Research article]

Muneer, Faraz and Hedenqvist, Mikael S. and Hall, Stephen and Kuktaite, Ramune (2022). Innovative Green Way to Design Biobased Electrospun Fibers from Wheat Gluten and These Fibers’ Potential as Absorbents of Biofluids. ACS Environmental Au. 2 :3 , 232-241
[Research article]


Newson, William and Johansson, Eva (2016). Sustainable packaging from an agricultural product side-stream. Alnarp: (LTJ, LTV) > Department of Plant Breeding (from 130101), Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet. LTV-fakultetens faktablad ; 2016:19


Parker, Daniela and Daguerre, Yohann and Dufil, Gwennael and Mantione, Daniele and Solano, Eduardo and Cloutet, Eric and Hadziioannou, Georges and Näsholm, Torgny and Berggren, Magnus and Pavlopoulou, Eleni and Stavrinidou, Eleni (2021). Biohybrid plants with electronic roots via in vivo polymerization of conjugated oligomers. Materials Horizons. 8 :12 , 3295-3305
[Research article]


Schmuck, Benjamin and Greco, Gabriele and Backlund, Fredrik G. and Pugno, Nicola M. and Johansson, Jan and Rising, Anna (2022). Impact of physio-chemical spinning conditions on the mechanical properties of biomimetic spider silk fibers. Communications Materials. 3 :1 , 83
[Research article]

Schmuck, Benjamin and Greco, Gabriele and Barth, Andreas and Pugno, Nicola M. and Johansson, Jan and Rising, Anna (2021). High-yield production of a super-soluble miniature spidroin for biomimetic high-performance materials. Materials Today. 50 , 16-23
[Research article]

Schulte, Maximilian and Lewandowski, Iris and Pude, Ralf and Wagner, Moritz (2021). Comparative life cycle assessment of bio-based insulation materials: Environmental and economic performances. GCB Bioenergy. 13 , 979-998
[Research article]


Thygesen, Anders and Ami, Johannes and Fernando, Dinesh and Bentil, Joseph and Daniel, Geoffrey and Mensah, Moses and Meyer, Anne S (2020). Microstructural and carbohydrate compositional changes induced by enzymatic saccharification of green seaweed from West Africa. Algal Research. 47 , 101894 , 1-9
[Research article]

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