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Angeler, David and Angeler, David G. and Eyre, Harris A. and Berk, Michael (2022). Listening to the silent struggles of bipolar disorder through sonification of iMoodJournal data. Bipolar Disorders. 24 :6 , 689-692
[Research article]

Appelgren, Lars-erik (2022). Brännande smaker: senap, chili och wasabi. I/In: Uppsala Medicinhistoriska Förenings Årsskrift : 2022. Sid./p. 166-178. Uppsala medicinhistoriska förening (2022). Uppsala Medicinhistoriska Förening
[Book Chapter]


Bergström, Tomas (2016). Protein identification and characterization through peptide mass spectrometry. Diss. (sammanfattning/summary) Umeå : Sveriges lantbruksuniv., Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, 1652-6880 ; 2016:99
ISBN 978-91-576-8700-5
eISBN 978-91-576-8701-2
[Doctoral thesis]

Bernhardt, Nadine and Memic, Fatima and Velica, Anna and Tran, Michelle A. and Vieillard, Jennifer and Sayyab, Shumaila and Chersa, Taha and Andersson, Leif and Whelan, Patrick J. and Boije, Henrik and Kullander, Klas (2022). Hop Mice Display Synchronous Hindlimb Locomotion and a Ventrally Fused Lumbar Spinal Cord Caused by a Point Mutation in Ttc26. ENeuro. 9 :2 , ENEURO.0518-21.2022
[Research article]


Dublon, Ian and Nilsson, Markus and Balkenius, Anna and Anderson, Peter and Larsson, Mattias (2016). Scintillate: An open-source graphical viewer for time-series calcium imaging evaluation and pre-processing. Journal of neuroscience methods. 273 , 120-127
[Research article]


Fredriksson, Robert and Sreedharan, Smitha and Nordenankar, Karin and Alsio, Johan and Lindberg, Frida A. and Hutchinson, Ashley and Eriksson, Anders and Roshanbin, Sahar and Ciuculete, Diana M. and Klockars, Anica and Todkar, Aniruddha and Hagglund, Maria G. and Hellsten, Sofie and Hindlycke, Viktoria and Vastermark, Ake and Shevchenko, Ganna and Olivo, Gaia and Cheng, Ken and Kullander, Klas and Moazzami, Ali and Bergquist, Jonas and Olszewski, Pawel K. and Schioth, Helgi B. (2019). The polyamine transporter Slc18b1(VPAT) is important for both short and long time memory and for regulation of polyamine content in the brain. PLoS Genetics. 15 , 1-30
[Research article]

Frisk, Jun Mei Hu and Örn, Stefan and Pejler, Gunnar and Eriksson, Staffan and Wang, Liya (2022). Differential expression of enzymes in thymidylate biosynthesis in zebrafish at different developmental stages: implications for dtymk mutation-caused neurodegenerative disorders. BMC Neuroscience. 23 :1 , 19
[Research article]


Hansson, Elisabeth and Björklund, Ulrika and Skiöldebrand, Eva and Rönnbäck, Lars (2018). Anti-inflammatory effects induced by pharmaceutical substances on inflammatory active brain astrocytespromising treatment of neuroinflammation. Journal of Neuroinflammation. 15 , 1-13
[Research article]

Hansson, Elisabeth and Werner, Tony and Björklund, Ulrika and Skiöldebrand, Eva (2016). Therapeutic innovation: Inflammatory-reactive astrocytes as targets of inflammation. IBRO Reports. 1 , 1-9
[Research article]


Liljenström, Hans (2020). Review for Cognitive Systems Research of the book The Brain and AI, by authors Karl Schlagenhauf and Fanji Gu. Cognitive Systems Research. 64 , 29-36
[Other publication in scientific journal]

Lundberg, Stina and Roman, Erika and Bell, Richard L. (2022). Behavioral profiles of adolescent alcohol-preferring/non-preferring (P/NP) and high/low alcohol-drinking (HAD/LAD) rats are dependent on line but not sex. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 15 , 811401
[Research article]


Norrud, Brita Cecilie and Råheim, Målfrid and Sudmann, Tobba Therkildsen and Håkansson, Margareta (2021). Facilitating new movement strategies: Equine assisted physiotherapy for children with cerebral palsy. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. 26 , 364-373
[Research article]


Rising, Anna and Gherardi, Paola and Chen, Gefei and Johansson, Jan and Oskarsson, Marie E. and Westermark, Gunilla T. and Westermark, Per (2021). AA amyloid in human food chain is a possible biohazard. Scientific Reports. 11 , 21069
[Research article]


Scott, Hayden and Tjernström, Nikita and Roman, Erika (2020). Effects of pair housing on voluntary alcohol intake in male and female Wistar rats. Alcohol. 86 , 121-128
[Research article]


Tjernström, Nikita and Li, Tie-Qiang and Holst, Sarah and Roman, Erika (2022). Functional connectivity in reward-related networks is associated with individual differences in gambling strategies in male Lister Hooded rats. Addiction Biology. 27 :2 , e13131
[Research article]


Vossen, Laura and Brunberg, Ronja and Raden, Pontus and Winberg, Svante and Roman, Erika (2022). The zebrafish Multivariate Concentric Square Field: A Standardized Test for Behavioral Profiling of Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. 16 , 744533
[Research article]


Zhao, Zhilei and Zung, Jessica L. and Hinze, Annika and Kriete, Alexis L. and Iqbal, Azwad and Younger, Meg A. and Matthews, Benjamin J. and Merhof, Dorit and Thiberge, Stephan and Ignell, Rickard and Strauch, Martin and McBride, Carolyn S. (2022). Mosquito brains encode unique features of human odour to drive host seeking. Nature. 605 :7911 , 706-712
[Research article]

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